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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winter Wednesday # 8

Pink Heath has to be one of the most joyous
things about Winter.

Common Pink Heath is the floral emblem for the State of Victoria.
It flowers from Autumn through to Spring but is at its best in Winter.

 As its name suggests,
it is common and also comes in white 
and a darker pink/almost red.

Common it may be,
but it is also impressive.

Its 2 cm (a little less than 1 inch) flower tubes
have nectar at their base and pollen close
to the opening.   Nectar eating birds, are lightly dusted
when they probe the flower with their long beaks 
and become unwitting pollinators.

But that's not all.

File:Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris female.jpg
Photo credit.
The  microscopic pollen grains have narrow fins 
that slide between the edges of the bird's feathers 
so that they are efficiently carried away.

Now, that is IMPRESSIVE

So it will come as no surprise that the botanical name 

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  1. I LOVE your ominous headline's really cool. Winter?:) HA!!! It's still hotter than sun's surface here in Tucson. I'd love a little cool air right now.:)

  2. There's still so much to see even on cold winter months :) Great shot of the bird!

  3. OK, yes, at first I thought you had taken that photo of the bird, then I followed the "Photo credit" link, but I do have to say that you take such amazing photos that you could easily convince me that it was yours...

  4. Lovely wild flower for this chilly winter. It stands out with is pretty pink colour.
    Happy Winter Wednesday.

  5. love the wildflowers, but its usually so cold and wet we dont get out to see them.
    So thanks for the photos, we get to see the beauty but stay nice and warm. I have posted a winter wed too!

  6. Great photos Hazel! lol at the words in the link to my WW.

  7. Grats on the bird photo & your right that is very impressive :)
    Link up to my Winter Wednesday

  8. Tis indeed impressive the impressa! It's regenerated very well after the fires.

    Linking up today

  9. I perfect day to blog about the plant family of heaths and heathers.

  10. I perfect day to blog about the plant family of heaths and heathers.

  11. I love your misty forest with the contrasting black tree trunks - beautiful!
    The common heath really brightens up the VIctorian bush in winter.
    The empacris has indentations at the base of it's flowers that allows the honeyeaters long beaks to slide right to the end (impressa is Latin for indented) It is very clever how the flora and fauna co operate! HDW

  12. Gorgeous photos, I too followed the credit link for the bird. It's echidnas as wildlife for my winter wednesday, Thanks.

  13. Lovely photos again Hazel.
    This sure is Mother Nature at it's best....Is the Pink Heath a wild flower?

    It's quite warm here today in Qld so I could quite easily do a Spring post, but instead I'll share our Winter joys of the past weekend.

  14. Love love love your header photo, Hazel, beautiful :)
    Epacris is one of my favourites, too.

    Here's my entry for the week, along the native theme as well.

  15. Nature is very clever. Great pictures and I can now gladly comment on your posts again(I was having trouble for some unknown reason).
    If you would still like some luffa seeds, please email me your address and I will get them to you soon
    sunnycornerfarm at

  16. Lovely shots Hazel.

    Here's my winter wednesday post

  17. This is a great idea. I have found a few more blogs to read. Lucky it's still raining and I can't get out and mow.
    What do I like about Winter?


  18. Is it over yet? Yes, very pretty flower, but does it grow when it's warm? When will it be warm again! I can't stand any more winter cheer!!!

    Bring on the sweat of summertime!

  19. A beautiful flower I didn't even know the name of before! Thanks Hazel! I love your headers too, ever changing and always captivating.


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