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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sprung - and a project

This is the third spring I have spent in this garden and the number and variety of blooms have blown me over each time.  It is such an embarrassment of floral opulence. If it was wallpaper, they would call it 'overblown'!

Heralding in the end of spring, the five crab apple trees down the drive, have had their 10 days of glory.  So much effort and for such a short period of time!

Monet would have gone ga-ga over the tones of pink and purple in this shrubbery.  It doesn't even belong to me but grows through and over the fence from next door.

On the other side of the house...the herb potager, with the outdoor kitchen in the background.  Both of these projects were more than worth the work put into them.  They continue to delight me.

The latest project is to create a link between the potager, outdoor kitchen and the house, in the form of an outdoor living area.
Behind that camellia to the left of the air-conditioner (which is being removed) is a chimney.  The chimney doesn't draw and the open fire-place is a waste.
 So...out with the chimney, and the wall, and in with another window and door set, similar to the one you can see.  Nothing fancy, but it will make a huge difference to our main living area, making it lighter and creating a view. I'm hoping it will create a natural flow between inside and out.  

A narrow deck along the house with an open pergola to carry a grape-vine, will give summer shade to the north facing windows, but let light in in the winter.  The area between the deck and the outdoor kitchen will be paved.  

Wait till you see the table and chairs we picked up for this area...very rustic.

So these are some of the 'before' pictures.  Stay tuned for the work to begin!


  1. The flowers look great. I think you're going to be very busy.

  2. Very springy indeed Miss Dene. I look forward to the next project.

  3. oh goodness everything looks so beautiful...can hardly wait to see the renovation happening

  4. Loverly, Hazel.

  5. The crab apple must have been a sight to behold, lovely! And looking forward to seeing the progress of your new project! Garden is looking lovely btw :)

  6. Hi Hazel, your garden looks beautiful...and another project in the pipeline...cant wait to see it...

  7. Beautiful flowers in a beautiful garden, one that I would love to wander through!

  8. Wow, wow, wow - your garden looks so beautiful. I'm trying not to be envious (its not working). We bought 5 wild acres 18 months ago where the only flowers were weeds. We've gone productive first with some flowers for the bees, but I'm hoping to build it up more over time. I'll keep your garden in my mind's eye

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