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Monday, September 3, 2012

More 'Mother' stuff

Check out how many legs this hen appears to have!
She makes that certain purring cluck and they all huddle for a bit of warmth.
Now they are getting bigger, she has a bit of trouble accommodating them...
hence the one on top.

There are fifteen (one died) and their mother, 
like most hens, is an outstanding mother.
She controls them all by a range of clucks and calls.
She protects them from the cats and the weather
and takes lessons in foraging.

The other hen, who was sitting on a clutch of 21 eggs,
disappeared.  I think Mr Foxy may have come in the night.


  1. She looks like quite the protective mum! Sorry to hear about the other hen/eggs.

  2. our cats(4 of them) love the chickens,one of them ginger likes to lay with them when the dust bath..the chickens could not care less about her at all LOL

  3. She should get mother of the year for looking after that many.
    What a shame about the other poor chookie. We had one of ours disappear the other night. She was a bit of an escape artist and was always geting out of the yard, then didn't return to the roost one night with the rest of them. My guess is a neighbourhood dog in our case.

  4. She appears to have two heads too. Or should that be "two"?

  5. So many legs indeed! But the one on top gets the best view :)

    Sorry to hear about the other chook, naughty Mr. Foxy!

  6. Such gorgeous babies! I love Babies!

  7. My cats are serious predators. I really have to keep the chicks locked up well or they get them. 15 chicks is a nice hatch.

  8. So cute Hazel - I love that there are a couple of creamy ones as well. Shame about the other hen though. cheers Wendy

  9. Very adorable post. I had fun watching the photos. I really thought at first that the hen has many legs. lol You got me there.
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