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Friday, August 3, 2012

The horror of sweet sixteen

Not fifteen, but sixteen little chicks
(though you can only see fifteen in the photo).

Mum does not have a name
as she is one of the six or so identical girls,
fathered by the Plymouth Rock rooster.

Mum # 2 (another of the unnamed six)
was off the nest when I checked today.
I counted 19 eggs.

That makes a possibility of 35 chicks.
Half of which will likely be roosters.

The whole flock has gone feral.
I can't find any eggs - again.
So presumably, they are laying
another clutch somewhere
for one of them to incubate.

I will have to put on my detective hat again.
If they are let go, Alfred Hitchcock
may be tempted to rise from his grave
to make the movie:



  1. Rocky has obviously been working hard.

  2. Oh my word! Will you eat the roosters!? They are so cute. Your pictures are making me clucky.

  3. Fertile chookies at your house Hazel, and I do know Jon,he is out the back here at the moment...

  4. They are so darned cute - hard to imagine them tuning evil, the movie Chicks - they will tickle you to death with those soft downy feathers. You will have to become Chook Dene, or Poultry Paradise, or something clucky.

  5. 16 cuties, or the possibility of 35! Chook heaven!! :)

  6. If you were in business raising chickens, Hazel, you'd be over the moon!

  7. Beautiful Mom and chicks. Very productive I see.


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