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Monday, July 16, 2012

Is it your fault?

Do you use recycled printing paper or does your's come from our precious forests?
Do you think twice about printing?
Do you use both sides of your paper to print on?
Do you use the backs of letters and envelopes for note paper?
Do you recycle your used paper?

Check out this link to a video about logging in the Toolangi Forest.

That little animal, in the video, is the Leadbeater Possum, faunal emblem of the state of Victoria, Australia.  A government/private enterprise group is destroying the last remaining habitat of this endangered species.


  1. Are you one of the Activists???

    My work place does not use recycled all the time. I print very little nowadays and only do so when I really need to and with a heavy heart full of guilt.

    Paper use and wastage has been an issue for me since 1977/78 when I attended a poor school in India and saw the lack or resources and learnt where paper came from.

  2. One another note... being a hoarder of scrap paper is an ongoing detriment to my trying to be organised.

  3. Recycling is definitely well worth the effort and promoting it is essential nowadays. I ticked four out of the five questions, could easily tick all of them from now on!

  4. hubby has always used the backs of junk letters to print our worksheets for the workshop on them. But dont call him a greenie, he just thinks its such a waste of resources and it has saved us probably thousands in paper costs. But his definately not a greenie, thats the wife!

  5. Mostly yes, I can control what I do at work but not others, though my workplace does actively promote using less resources. At home we hardly ever waste paper and all of our paper is recycled. Its a small change that can make a big impact.

  6. As you say "rip rip" I think you'd be preaching to the converted here though.
    One problem is getting those that don't care to care.


  7. Yes it is probably my fault. I am so sorry but living in this modern world is so tricky even when you are striving to do the right thing. When buying paper specifically I choose recycled, but I use paper indirectly in so many things, and I have no idea where it is sourced from. Examples: weetbix packet, postage packaging when ordering things online, electricity bill, even most seed packets.

    I have heard it argued the use of wood is good for our current global warming problem. Rapid growth renewable forests consume lots of co2. What pisses me off is the destruction of old native forests, done purely for profit.

  8. The company I work for changed its logo about 3 years ago and we were allowed to take the paper with the old logo home. I'm still using it. But at work, since we've moved to a "paperless office" you would hate to see how much paper gets used. I think Jason is right. We all use paper products every day without thinking where it comes from. There's a big difference between using renewable forest plantations and old growth forests.


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