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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Feelin blue and a little self-indulgent

 I am feeling a bit like this rose today...old and gnarled, pruned and naked.  Life has a way of catching you off guard with news and events that have the power to make you wonder about the meaning of life and why you bother.
I know there can be beauty in 
'the old gnarled, naked' things too.

That even in winter,
the sun shines...sometimes.

I am trying to be one of those optimistic souls 
who can weather the worst
that winter and life can dish out,
and still remain bright and optimistic.

I also know that:
Every cloud has a silver lining,
Life is made up of swings and roundabouts,
It will seem better in the morning,
That one door closes and another opens,
It will be alright in the end,
This too will pass.

I try to:
Look on the bright side,
Consider the donut...not the just the hole,
Keep my chin up,
Walk on the sunny side of the street.

But today,
it is hard.

So I will adopt my mother's mantra and
Take one day at a time
and try not to complain
(any more than I already have!)


  1. Thats not complaining....I hope what is going on passes soon and you feel happy again...or if it needs strength to cope, that you have those around you to support you.x

  2. Sometimes a good whine/wine makes us feel better. You're allowed to have both from time to time...and I hope things improve.

  3. HUGS HAZEL!! You know we love you. And your mum is beautiful don't you think? Is that your table and your back yard in that header?? Oh my. Think we need more pics of your place. x

  4. Old roses just need to be pruned and then they come good in spring. Big cyber old rose hugs.

  5. Hope things get better for you soon Hazel

  6. a cuppa tea , a good sleep and tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new outlook..if not keeping breathing in and out till things change,sometimes thats all we can do XOX

  7. Oh Hazel it is always hard to deal with multiple difficulties - Mums mantras come in handy but Dad always said "have faith and it will be ok for you in the end"

  8. Keep in mind that things ALWAYS get better then you look back on them and wonder why you worried so much. Just get through it and you'll be on the other side of this trouble in no time.

  9. It is only in experiencing sadness that we can fully appreciate joy. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. I hope that what ever is upsetting you is only a temporary set of circumstances and not something permanent that you have to learn to live with. best wishes.


  11. Take care Hazel - smile even when you don't know how anymore, and remember to do what comforts you. Visit that greenhouse - pat a tree.
    Sending warm nourishing hugs
    Greenie x

  12. I hope you and your Ma are OK Hazel.

  13. .thanks for sharing


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