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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Greyzini Zucchini

Here is a plant recommendation for you...Greyzini Zucchini

In the past I have grown the black variety.
I have found, that like many of their squash cousins
they produce an abundance of male flowers first.
Only much later do the female flowers appear.
The result being a longish wait for the first zucchini.

Well not in this case. 
As soon as it began to bloom
the Greyzini produced both male and female flowers.

The zucchini have a lovely patterned skin...not really grey.

This early fruiting is not just an aberration isolated to my garden, because my sister's Greyzini is also a precocious producer.

It will be interesting to see how long the plant lasts and if it will continue to fruit as long as the black variety.


  1. Ooooooooooo I just picked a huge greyzini this evening too and plonked it in my dinner! I'll have to post. I haven't posted in a wee while.

  2. Are the goats back on duty now? Did they say they missed you??

  3. Are the goats sulking cos they could not come along? This zuchini variety is easy to be differentiate with other common zucchini by its unique foliage design.

  4. I may grow that one next year. I have grown it once before and it is the only one that produced a couple of squash for me. We get so hot so fast that I think this would be the one to try again.

  5. Interesting. My trombonchino (however it's spelled) zucchini is USELESS!!!! Still waiting!!


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