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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fat Fruit Friday# 12 - Colour!

You would expect to see green in a GREEN-house...this photo is taken from the outside.  
That's a watermelon vine plotting an escape...

...and the green leaves of the cantaloupe which is threatening a take-over.

But there are other colours too.
Like the mauve of the eggplant/aubergine flower...

... the yellow of the ripening Broad Ripple tomatoes.

 The Black Pearl Chilli is living up to its name.

 ...and the excitement of orange on a ripening Grosse Lisse tomato.  
The first for the season.

Best of all...RED!  (This one has already been eaten...sweet!)

But not to worry, the white and green in these photos 
give promise of more to come.


  1. Lovely fresh colours there Hazel. My garden is mostly grey at present.
    Those pearl chillis are really unusual. Do you plan on eating them, or are they purely for ornament?

  2. It all looks fabulous - I'm particularly impressed with the canteloupe. I've tried to grow them the past 2 years and failed each time. I may try again next year with seedlings rather than seed though. Your watermelon looks much more impressive than my outdoor one as well...

  3. Lovely to see such vibrant colours, when we are in winter here in the UK. I had no idea that aubergine flowers were so pretty!

  4. Very nice Hazel! And on the subject of aubergines I've always found this vegetable plant to be very ornamental too.

    Happy New Year!


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