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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who's your daddy?

Well, in fact, we know who your daddy is:
Rocky Plymouth.

It is your mummy we are confused about.
Could she be this light?

Or could she could be The Cook...
who was so worried about you last night, 
she took you to bed with her
and is now walking about with you, up her shirt. 
(Strange but true)

Jenny has been sitting on nine eggs for the allotted 21 days.
Yesterday, I found this little scrap,
evicted from the nest, cold and limp,
on the floor of the coop.

As you can see from the pictures below, 
at least four others
are about to hatch.

The eggs are a mixture from all the girls, 
so that is why we don't know who the mummy is.
The white eggs are Leghorns' though.

The chicks are peeping, inside the eggs.
When I checked, I could hear them.
It was so loud, I was sure 
I was going to see chicks
when I moved Jenny.

(There are more than 9 eggs, you say. 
The girls like to pop an extra egg
or two under Jenny when she
hops off the nest for a drink.)

If she accepts the new chicks today,
we will slip the first one back under her.
If she rejects them,
it looks like their mummy
will be 
The Cook.


  1. What a sweet little one! I do miss my chicks!

  2. Oh Hazel what fun! Tell the Cook I didn't think that strange at al, I would be doing the same thing.

  3. Oh sooo gorgeous! I want to be a chook in my next life and live at your house!! :)

  4. OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! SO CUTE!!

  5. That is so sweet! I am the Mummy to our youngest, Tweet Tweet, who was only a day old when we got them and now loves a cuddle, a pat, a ride of shoulders and I think she may even come when you call her name... maybe!!

  6. How cute, I love hatching time...especially when the eggs are cheeping...I'm sure you'll get a nice surprise when you next check.I hope you get a healthy brood, and the first little one gets to join them again. I have two mums sitting together on the same lot of eggs at the moment, I don't know how they'll turn out. :)

  7. Ah how exciting! It's bringing back memories of about this time last year when our chicks were hatching. In fact you're making me feel a bit clucky.

  8. so, so cute! I hope mummy accepts them.

  9. What a sweet little chick! Seeing chicks and eggs hatching does give you that spring vibe :)

  10. I had a friend this happened with and she waited until the chicks were hatched and then popped the little one underneath at night . I don't think hens can count because it all worked out and mum didn't notice.


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