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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Overseas Job

I have suddenly been recruited for a job overseas!

Next Monday, I am off to the U.S. of A.
for a fortnight's child-minding duties.

Here are my charges!
Cute eh?

Well, OK, they are my grandchildren.
Now, where did I put that passport?


  1. Ooo take me with you!!! I am so very very envious - you lucky thing, and lucky grandchildren too, I'll bet they are excited... where will you be in the US of the A?

  2. How exciting!
    Have a fantastic time.

  3. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. get ya winter woolies will be wonderful to see the grandchildren,don't envy the travel thou..I am not a traveller,i moan about the 70kms to town..and think how the garden will have taken off while your away ,you'll come home and so much will be well on its way.exciting..try and get in a few posts b4 you go can update via mobile phone to your blog you know!!!

  5. Have a great time Hazel, a lovely time of the year to be with the family as well. Long way from home, I hope the Cook remembers to water the Garden for you while your away! :)

  6. How exciting going overseas and spending time with family.
    Lucky girl you, have fun and make sure you post pics for us to see.

  7. What fun! Can I carry your bags for you? Where will you be in the States? I hope you can blog from over there.

  8. That is so exciting. But who will look after your goats?? They could eat your whole garden before you get back.

  9. Great news Hazel! Have a fabulous time (which I'm sure you will!) :)

  10. I was a nanny in the USA - your bringing on Flash Backs. Have lots of fun.

    Maybe enter my comp to try and win some extra spending money!!! $200 up for grabs :-) for Aussies only.

    Bon Voyage

  11. Safe travels and wave "hello" when you go by Chicago!

  12. Argh! I'm so selfish all I'm thinking is you'd better post cos I'll miss my Hazel fix !

    Have a wonderful time xo


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