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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some good news and a bit of Banjo.

Australia, following a ridiculous day in Federal Parliament (at least it was the public, not the politicians for a change) has a Carbon Tax.

The Snowy River has received a flushing flow with water from the Jindabyne Dam.  It is the first 'flood' since the dam was built in the 1960s reducing the flow in the river to a trickle.  The aim is to clean the river of decades of dirt and bio-matter and to cut a cleaner, deeper, narrower channel.  The Man from Snowy River would be pleased.

Yesterday was also National Ride to Work Day in Australia with over 100 000 people jumping on their peddlies and heading off to work and school.


  1. The carbon tax came into effect today? I had no idea. The boys' father tells me I live in a media blackout zone...

    I adore the Man from Snowy River. One of my favourite poems/movies ever. I get goosebumps when dude and his trusty pony go over the edge after the Colt from Old Regret.

    Cripes I have them now from just typing it!

  2. Loved the poem. Banjo sure knew how to write them!

    Gav x


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