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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giving some back...

....and getting paid for it!  I am looking forward to our electricity bills now that we are finally connected to the grid.  We just scraped in and will be receiving the old feed in tariff ...I think it is 61 cents per kW hour.  I keep opening the box and looking at my new money saver!


  1. I was wondering how your solar electricity went. I would love to install solar panels but it's so expensive and I've been told by the time you've nearly recouped the cost, they need replacing. I want to hear some good news - that they are worth the money. Keep us posted please.

  2. we just scraped in too, but still waiting for the new meter. They are stuffing us around because our veranda is in the way. Will post about it as soon as its done. well done on yours.

  3. My panels have been chugging away for a couple of years here, but unfortunately because Tasmania has NO competition in the power industry we only get paid 20c per Kw hour. However it's a good feeling knowing that the power bills are being reduced.

  4. Hi cobble hill. I'm in Sidney. Hey Hazel...we are on Vancouver island and have long cloudy winters. I'm thinking windmills would work better here. If they could just make tiny ones, that are silent...oh never mind...not do-able.

  5. A worthy (and very green) investment!

  6. Super solar! I need to look into solar.


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