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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Test Results

Well you all did very well in the Creativity Test.
I was very impressed with your ideas
and wish I had several old worm farms
so I could put some of them into practice.

However, this particular worm farm is now a cupboard.

...with a shelf.

I think it will do a handsome job of hiding the ugly
but necessary  items such as the detergent bottle and matches.

Also on the topic of cupboards.
Look what I found today!
A metal corner medicine cupboard.

It has a mirror on the front and the cutest little knob.

I am sure to be able to find a spot for it in the new kitchen.

I also found a sink which I can flush mount
under the bench to conceal as much
stainless steel as possible.
I may even make a lid for the hole so that it is hidden
when not in use.

I bought the sink at a second hand place. 
I wonder why he didn't charge me for this
wonderful rusty darling.

The Cook and I also went back to those old properties today
and collected some wood for trims for the outdoor kitchen.

Do you get the idea that
I am enjoying this project?

Don't forget that tomorrow is 
Just write a post
about the joys of Winter
and then link with me.
Anyone can join in
even if you haven't before.
But do come and play...
there are only a couple
of Wednesdays left!


  1. Thank goodness! About the wednesdays I mean... it really isn't winter here anymore though, so I can't complain... summer dresses, come out and play!

    I love your medicine cabinet, and as one who lacks any sort of creative imagination I didn't enter your creativity test... alas, I knew I would fail...

  2. That kitchen is going to look absolutely fantastic...pity my 'bench' couldnt come for a visit with it.....I am sure it would look fabulous in the 'kitchen'...

  3. Love the cupboard! I still think you need somewhere for cold beverages!!

  4. looking good..keep them ideas coming

  5. Yes i can see how much fun your having,we are too following you!! love the cupboard and the little metal one, what will be next.......

  6. A cupboard...that was my next guess.


  7. So I scored 0/10 in the test then. Detention again?

  8. Wow, your kitchen is coming along quite nicely! Very envious!!! Great Project and it certainly sounds like you are enjoying every step. I just love the cupboard you created from the worm farm.


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