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Saturday, August 13, 2011

ODK - progress report

From this....

to this....

The outdoor kitchen 
is coming along!

Check out this 'cupboard' which is sporting
the old toilet door from the family home.
It stood guard over the dunny for sixty-three years

Now it is hiding something else.....

These same bent nails have held the snib in place
all that time, so I didn't feel the need to 'screw' it up now.

I couldn't resist trialling some 'interior design' ideas.

I will be 'ageing' these pine boards.

We especially chose this plank with the knot holes.
In fact we hit a couple of knots out.

The front part will be a pergola for grapes.

The wood fired pizza oven, which is on the drawing board, will go to the right of the kitchen and a little back...where those poles and the stack of bricks are. The whole area in front of the kitchen will be leveled off and graveled to accommodate the table and chairs.

My dear Great Nephew has moved on 
with his tools and fabulous reaching capacities (he is very tall) 
and the rest is up to us.  



  1. Wow....I bet you are absolutely thrilled...I would be, I would be starting to decorate it too....I have so many rusty bits and pieces I could be your 'outdoor kitchen stylist'...!!!!

  2. I recon I would love to fly over there and give you a hand....

    that is once the pizza oven is finished and you need help eating it :D

  3. Love love love that you're going to grow grapes over the front, you'll be able to snack as you cook :P

  4. Hazel that looks TERRIFIC! Can I come over and hang out with glass of vino in hand underneath your grapevines laden with fruit, wafts of stone fired pizza enveloping me and lots of admiring of your handiwork and your garden? :)

  5. Ok ,now were talkin
    lookin good,lookin really good..this is the part of the project i really like almost there ,watching it all pull together and you stand back and go yeah I love it

  6. Oh I am soooo looking forward to that pizza, along with my pavlova and comfy shed.

    Are you going to start brewing anything interesting soon?

  7. Great to see the progress, I love the bent nails holding on the door bolt. By the way, have you got your keyboard fixed? I noticed that there were not any ..... between words.

  8. I reckon it's great progress.

  9. Fantastic! Always love a good build. This is coming along nicely. How deep did you go with the poles? Here in north we need to go 4' deep because of the frost lines.

  10. Firstly, Deb, I do have a different keyboard. I swapped it for a jar of lemon curd ... my generous nephew had a spare one.

    I bought a circular saw and new drill today. Hope I manage not to cut my leg or arm off. Can't wait to get out and do some more.

    No, I am not thinking of 'brewing' anything, Miss Ali...but you can BYO when you come. :-)

    David...the rule here is that you put posts in about 1/3 their length. We also used some cement to hold them steady. I don't even know what 'frost lines' are.

  11. Looking great Hazel, your Great Nephew has done a great job. Gotta love a man handy with the power tools, even better though when you get your own. We've been doing a bit of minor construction here this weekend, mainly husband, but I love a bit of drill action myself, so I did that bit. Good luck with the rest, I'll be watching with interest.

  12. Now that is looking mighty fine! I'll have to follow to see it in full use.

    Love Leanne

  13. It's coming along the old door. Isn't it great to have some old items from the family home...I have an old wooden gate from my family home. When's the kitchen warming!!

  14. I go away for the weekend and look what you've done! Marvellous Hazel, excellent progress, that nephew is worth his weight in gold. I'll miss the full stops though .. I just saw the explanation in comments.


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