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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winter Wednesday # 7

 Some things you can only 
enjoy in the Winter.

Take these orange hot pokers, for example, 
who persistently flower throughout July,
injecting some warmth and colour 
into an otherwise all green shrubbery.
They also provide a sweet treat for the honey eaters.

So now you can all stop casting nastursiums at Winter and join in the fun.


  1. Beautiful colour Hazel. Personally I love winter here in QLD as we get lovely days and cool nights. I also love the snow

  2. What a happy colour! We have a few lingering reds and purples in bloom at the moment, but the frosts we've been having of late are starting to make the plants look a little worse for wear.
    Although, there's not a lot of colour here today: just shades of grey. Thought it the perfect opportunity to partake in Winter Wednesday:
    Stay warm!

  3. When we got married (1976) most of our wedding gifts were that colour! They are gorgeous flowers.

    My Winter Wednesday has more subdued colours:

  4. Love a good red hot poker!

    Linking up today at

  5. It is 90 degrees fahrenheit and a high percentage of humidity where I live. I love going to your blog and dreaming of Fall and Winter. :-) I just love those flowers - so beautiful.

  6. OH DEAR! I so wish I could... it's 95*F here with a heat index of 109*T so I'm wishing for your cooler weather at the moment. I LOVED reading about your Granny Weekend! I would love to host an Auntie weekend here sometime.

  7. Love the orange hot pokers Hazel, what a cheery sight in a winter garden. Here is my thoughts on this winter Wednesday

  8. Beautiful colors and I really like the way you posted these pics.

  9. hey're giants of the garden world just wonderful.
    Link up for my winter wenseday:

  10. Hello Hazel
    I like the change in colour as you move up the flower head. Nice bright colours, made even brighter in the sunshine
    I need a little help identifying a visitor to the garden so I'm hoping someones has some knowledge to share
    Take care
    Still Waters

  11. We are having the same colours in our garden Hazel.

  12. Lovely, all my pansies and marigolds are that shade. It certainly brightens things up...over at my house today for Winter Wednesday there are furry caterpillars in the dolls girls love the winter woolly 'tillies'....

  13. Just looking at those red pokers make me feel warm on this cold and wet afternoon.
    Just made some chunky soup to feed us and a roast chicken dinner on the horizon.

  14. Hello Hazel
    This is my post for your Winter Wednesday theme

  15. Ooo yes Hazel, that beautiful orange is certainly worth a cold night or two... I think.

  16. I'm in again, and it's not even midnight yet!

  17. What a pretty flower, I have not seen it before. Would certainly brighten your day up. Can't say I have anything real pretty in my garden, we got our first frost here last week and it's taken the top off a lot of my plants. Hope your still enjoying Winter. Hope to be back for WW next week. :)

  18. I'm glad it's not just me that uses the phrase "Casting Nasturtiums"...
    Great camera-work with the red-hot poker plants, Hazel.


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