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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Turnip for the Books

I have a number of books like these...
with alphabetical lists of veggies 
with a few recipes for each.

They are really great when there is a glut of something
 and all our regular recipes have become boring.

But they don't have ANY recipes for turnips.
I always include them in soups...
but what else?

Got any turnip recipes?


  1. Can't help you with the turnips but have you tried they're usually helpful.

    I love your header. Is this the dog you're looking after?

  2. damn woman this is insane.. just this morning before i came blog reading,I was looking up kitchen garden books that show recipes for what you have grown...something is going on...i grow turnips to feed to the cow and soups so i'll be interested in the recipes you might recieve

  3. Roasted turnips are nice, especially if you add balsamic vinegar to them while they are roasting.

  4. Nope , only remember mum buying them in a soup mix, the usual stick of celery, a turnip, some old looking carrots and maybe a cant help you...

  5. thelittleblackcowblogJuly 11, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Nope I had a look in all my recipe books but nothing turnupped.

  6. How about Turnip gratin?
    300ml cream
    100ml dry cider
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    Approx 800g turnips
    25g Parmesan cheese
    Salt, pepper.
    Pour cream and cider into frying pan and reduce over medium heat fro 5 minutes, stirring once or twice. Add seasoning and mustard.
    Stir in thinly-sliced turnips and coat, then tip pan contents into a shallow ovenproof dish and sprinkle cheese over.
    Bake at 190C / Gas mark 5 for 40-45 minutes or until golden, bubbling and tender.
    Recipe from "The Garden To Kitchen Expert" by Judith Wills and Dr D.G. Hessayon -- highly recommended!

  7. Stephanie Alexander offers Turnip bliss bombs which sound Hazel-ish:

    400g turnips peeled to yield 325g
    2 tbsp duck fat or extra virgin olive oil
    2 tbsp fresh breadcrumbs
    2 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
    sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Blanch peeled turnips in lightly salted simmering water for 5 mins if large or not in the first flush of youth. Drain. Cut into 3 cm pieces.

    Melt fat or heat oil in frying pan, add turnips in single layer. Cover with lid, cook over medium heat for about 12 mins, shaking pan every few minutes. Remove lid; all turnips should be a deep golden all over. If not, increase heat to medium-high, then cook uncovered, stirring turnips constantly so they colour evenly.

    Once all are golden coloured, add breadcrumbs and parsley. Increase heat a little and stir with a wooden spoon for about one minute or just until breadcrumbs are crisp. Season with salt and pepper, eat at once or at room temperature.

  8. Great question Hazel. I like the look of Mark and Rose's recipes. The first turnips I harvested I stir fried in a bit of oil with onion and greens from the garden. It was quite tasty. Turnips seem to brown nicely in oil as if they would make good chips (french fries). Other than stir fry I stick some into casseroles and soups. Sorry can't be more help. Kelli

  9. Chilli and Herb Turnip Crush
    1kg chopped turnip,
    40gm butter
    1 fresh long chilli, chopped finely
    1 tblsp chopped parsley
    2 teaspn finely grated lemon rind

    Cook turnip til tender, drain, mash all other ingredients into it. Serves 4


  10. Judith...yes that is the dog we are minding! She has her nose in EVERYTHING.

    Joyful Homemaker...what can I say. SNAP! ...again.

    Thanks to all of you who had suggestions. I will try them out and get back to you.

  11. I hope you post some turnip recipe when you prepare your turnips. I have been collecting turnip recipe from borrowed-library book this month. But we still don't have that many turnip harvest to make them yet. Our turnips not growing us globe roots but from my observation are mostly growing long woody roots for us.

  12. There are lots of turnip pickle recipes around, both in Indian and Lebanese cuisines...maybe Google can help?

  13. Turnips go in cornish pasties



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