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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Wednesdays #2 - with some sonshine.

I know I wasn't going to post...but The Americans are all jet lagged...some were in bed by five and the last down at seven p.m.  Nothing left to do but talk to you guys!  Besides I couldn't let my Winter Wednesdays crash after just one outing.

Don't forget that you are welcome to join by posting your own Winter joy...on any Wednesday in the Winter and linking your post to mine.

Although it is quiet in the garden 
I love that it still holds promises.

And the Sonshine.... my son's babies,
Mr Muscle (4.5 yrs)
and Princess Pinkyness (8 mths)

I have trouble with those trailer
latches...not Mr Muscle!

Check out those eyes!


  1. Gorgeous little people and yes, STUNNING eyes. Master Muscle looks ready to take on just about any job you throw his way.

  2. Wow with Mr Muscle around you might get ahead on some jobs around the place.
    Make the most of your time together and enjoy every moment.

  3. They are very sweet. Do enjoy their visit!

  4. HAZEL! Ooo they are cute... lucky nanna... or grandma? Or grandmother? Grandmama?

  5. HAZEL! Ooo they are cute... lucky nanna... or grandma? Or grandmother? Grandmama?

  6. What cuties! I hope you have a wonderful time Hazel!

  7. What gorgeous people! Enjoy.

    I have linked to your post from:

  8. Hooray for garden promises and cute little people.

    I participated this week, my post is here:

  9. three varieties of babies and garden promises ... enjoy

  10. I give up - I cannot figure out how to link!

  11. GORGEOUS wee folk. And I love the shoots popping out of the earth. Such energy! I joined in your winter wednesday this week but I couldn't link properly! At first I giggled at Ali but then stopped laughing when I couldn't figure it out either!!

  12. Hazel enjoy every minute with these littlies. I'll miss your posts, but you definitely have better things to do with your time while the grandkids are visiting.

    I took up your suggestion and wrote about winter on my blog here,

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  14. Hello Hazel! Hope your family are overcoming their jetlag by now.
    I'm joining in with your celebration of Winter over here:

  15. cute. Have a wonderful time!

  16. Enjoy your little ones, Hazel, what a gorgeous little man he is! Gorgeous garden pics.. :)

  17. Hi, what a great way to start Winter with your beautiful family. Enjoy!! Iv'e also joined your Winter Wednesday Link.
    htt:// hope that works!!

  18. Looks like you'll be having some fun with those wee guys. Enjoy! :)
    Oh, and i can't do the Winter Wednesday because.... we have Summer! ;)
    (well, that's what we call it)Mo

  19. I don't want to think about winter here just yet, lol!

    I'm happy to read yours though :)

  20. Great post Hazel. I'm a little late, I see you've had a busy week too! I've posted on my blog - here's the link. Cheers Wendy


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