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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winter veggies

The garlic is looking very garlicky and those broad beans in the background are flourishing.

Broad beans
Different broad beans
planted later.

The peas seem painfully slow, but are beginning to twine.
 I have removed the netting from the brassicas which aren't as big as I would like.  Hopefully with a bit more light, they will speed up...I will feed them again soon.

I have planted some choy sum between the onions...
it will be gone and gobbled before it can over crowd them.

Leeks...not large but nice and strong.

How long before I can have some spinach, I wonder?

 Cherry the veggie guard.  Unlike the other animals here, she poses little threat to the veggies.


  1. All your veggies are looking so healthy and yummy. You obviously either dont have the bug problem we do or else you spray, which is it? My bok choy and silver beet are just little sticks - all the edible parts have been chewed away. :(

  2. My peas and garlic are both growing slow too. I guess the cool temperature last night doesn't help,
    -1 overnight. I am picking oodles of beans though!

    Looks like it will be a year for frosts...

    You veggies are looking good!

  3. Oh I am so glad you posted the photo of that spinach - now I know what I have planted in the front garden bed!!! I love the sunlight in the photos, I have a big thing about photographing right into the sun, I think if you get it right it looks just beautiful. Well done Hazel!

  4. Your veges are looking good, strong and healthy. It's wonderful to see them through that vulnerable baby stage. My peas are moving slowly as well I wonder why?

  5. Cherry the veggie guard is very cute and doing a stella job by the looks of things. My peas are doing ok but my garlic is a bit yellow looking but still producing new shoots. Not sure if it is all the rain we have had or what....

  6. I am glad you have shared your photos, I now know my garlic and leeks are doing ok but my onions...well, not so good. I think I need to go slug hunting.

  7. lovely atmospheric photos. Your Winter weather is evidently nowhere near as severe as ours in the UK. I'd never dream of having young peas on the go in December. Did I miss something or is Cherry a new member of the family?

  8. it is nice seeing others efforts in their gardens it gives others something to compare their own progress you and I planted our garlic the same day and yours is doing a tad better than ours..your braccias are hands down in the lead against our,,better have a talk to them tomorrow

  9. They all look good. Since your net is not there anymore does that mean Mrs. Butterfly is not visiting? I wish those white cabbage butterfly stop visiting now. I have been picking up big caterpillars lately.Your garlic and leek look really good. Ours are mostly still in paperbag.

  10. My peas and beans started off growing well but seem to be going nowhere lately, yours all look wonderful.

  11. Looks like summer in your garden rather than winter! Veg looks healthy and always good to see more of the good stuff on its way!

  12. Hey thanks for sitting on my South Dakota porch. I finally got a little time to bound over the ocean to see you. I love your veggie garden. Most of my greenhouse plants are up, but it was almost disaster today as it got to 100. We weren't expecting that. Luckily my husband got home and opened things up. Your gaurd dog is beautiful. She looks so calm. Can't wait to see how all of your projects turn out.

  13. It is too cold for bugs..and the white butterflies are not around at the moment, so that is why the net is off the cabbages. The peas...and everything else is growing but the cold weather makes them all slow too. Welcome to my new follower from Sth Dakota and Cherry is quite She isn't new either....pretty though.


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