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Friday, June 24, 2011

Garlic chicken garnished with D.E. and fresh herbs

Chickens with or without lice
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - food grade
Wood ash.
Bouquet garni

  • Thoroughly clean out the chicken coop retaining the manure and straw for the compost to enable you to grow great organic garlic for the other part of this recipe.
  • Scrub the nest boxes and perches.
  • Sprinkle sulphur powder/ wood ash/DE in the crevices.
  • Replace the nesting material.
  • Add sulphur/wood ash/DE to the chooks dust bathing areas.
  • Take lice infected chickens and hold upside down by the feet. Sprinkle liberally with sulphur powder/DE, paying careful attention to the area around their vent, under their wings and around their necks.
  •  Feed minced garlic to the chooks once per month (in their water) to manage intestinal parasites.
  • Add DE to their food as a tonic and as a wormer.
  • When it is available,  add wormwood, lavender, geranium or other smelly things to the coop to make it smell good (and to repel insects).
  • Plant these around the coop so the chickens brush past...if you can keep the goats from eating the plants.
Recipe notes:
Thanks to Linda Woodrow who suggested the wood ash alternative.
She also moves her chooks around so they are on new ground
which seems to help with the mites and lice problem.

Missy also suggests painting the underside of the perches with cooking oil.
I haven't done this ... but I am keeping it up my sleeve.

It is the fossilized shells of microscopic 
water-dwelling single cell organisms known as diatoms.
The powder is non-toxic with insecticidal properties.

diatom2.tif (350274 bytes)

DE has a mechanical effect in that the microscopic
grains have sharp edges which scratch at the
exoskeleton of the insect causing injury
and dehydration.

I found a YouTube video extolling its benefits
but it was a bit too far on the 'miracle product' 
end of the scale.  The presenter
lost me when he stirred a spoonful
into some lemonade and drank it.

The only study I could find about the use
of DE in humans was one that indicated a lowering
of cholesterol in the subjects.

Care when handling the product to avoid inhaling
should be taken as there is some doubt
about its effects on the respiratory system.

I heard about DE (and bought it) at the Seymour
Alternative Living Expo in February.
I attended a talk about the organic treatment
of problems in fowls which was very informative.

DE is also used in swimming pool filters...but this is
not suitable for use with must be FOOD GRADE
diatomaceous earth.



  1. Thanks for the tips Hazel. Ill check the Girls this weekend!

  2. Sounds like a recipe for delicious healthy chooks! I add chilli as well as garlic to a weekly mash, my girls are quite well seasoned.

  3. I do believe you have been spammed Hazel.

    Nice menu suggestion. :)

  4. Yes, Rose, I do believe I have. If I was an American woman I might be insulted but if I take it down, it makes your comment sound silly. I wouldn't want to do that!

  5. Oh no, now I am sillier than ever!

  6. Great tips for Lice infected chickens. I sure hope I never need this, but know where to turn if I do. Thanks!

  7. Very funny post Hazel! I was after DE at bunnings today but none to be found...have been looking for food grade stuff for a while now but no joy so far...


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