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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My friend the citrus

I spent sometime under the citrus trees today weeding and fertilizing.
They are such wonderful trees, 
bearing flowers and fruit at all sizes
and stages of ripeness all at the same time.

...and they smelled so good!

How many spiders did you spot?


  1. I spied one spider. Do you know how well lemons grow in those big wine barrels?

  2. Citrus grow well in barrels...up to a point. However, you can buy dwarf citrus now that are ideally suited to pots. Citrus love a good feed twice a year in Spring and Autumn.

  3. Looking good Hazel! Mum bought me a Meyer for my birthday and I'm really looking forward to not having to jump the fence under the cover of darkness to nick some lemons!

  4. I only spied one, and a web...I moved my baby lemon it was a is now bushy and green and loving its new spot..until yesterday when Nonno came around and thought it needed spreading out...some 'spreaders' were whipped up in the shed and then were placed in amongst my beautiful lemon branches and promptly broke the biggest branch...I wish I had known some swear words in is now tied together with string....string I tell you, string.... :(

  5. What on earth is a spreader?

    Hazel, beautiful photographs, and your citrus all look quite scrumptious. Lime cake... I love lime cake.

  6. ok I have been looking for spiders I think I see 3.

  7. Those blossoms look exquisite!

  8. I can just smell the fresh citrus. Nothing better!

  9. I only spotted one spider, but I'm sure you'll tell us there were more! :)
    Wish I had a (citrus) Lime tree. I love a wedge of lime in my Rum & Coke. Oh yes, and on my indonesian noodles too.

  10. Lovely citrus! Very unlike my sad lot. Spiders are friends?

  11. There was only one spider...there was another but I had too many photos and deleted it.

    I feel your pain Ms Enchanted. Doncha love men who know everything? But be nice to Nonno!

  12. Hi Hazel, the long photos are very striking, very creative and colourful. I notice your font text is a wee bit difficult to read with your recent changes (maybe just my eyes).


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