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Friday, April 15, 2011

The great membrillo caper

The Cook made membrillo (quince paste) last night.  
She stood over the stove and stirred for two and a half hours 
before it was thick enough to spread into the baking pan.  

As per the recipe, she covered it with a tea towel overnight to let it firm up.

This morning, when she checked, 
she discovered what appeared to be a senseless act of vandalism.

Detective Cook was summoned. 
With some trepidation, she gently peeled away the tea towel.....

She examined what appeared to be footprints in the paste.....

She was sure she had seen those prints somewhere before. 
She scratched her head.....

....and checked back through the mug-shots to identify her suspect.  
Forensics confirmed the fingerprints were a match!
It all pointed to that dastardly feline criminal,  Claude The Marauder!

As Detective Cook circled her quarry, 
the suspect tried desperately to destroy the evidence by swallowing it....

But it was too late...Detective Cook had already seen 
and photographed the damning proof of his crime ....

Another case successfully solved 
by the old gumshoe!

Later Detective Cook received a tip off
that there may have been more to the crime than first appeared.
It may have been the work of a gang.

Detective Cook set a trap using hidden cameras
and the membrillo as bait.

Unfortunately the quality of the shots leave a lot to be desired and now the evidence has been destroyed.

This is possibly the leader
of the gang.  He goes by the
name of The Godrooster.
If  you can identify any of the criminals
in these images, please call
Crime Stoppers.
This gang must be stopped!
This one was seen running
from the scene.


  1. Oh, Hazel, this is just a gorgeous post! Am sure I've seen Godrooster somewhere, but am too scared to spill the beans. Who knows how far his connections may have spread :D)

  2. Great post Hazel - but what a waste! All those hours of The Cook's stirring the pot. I'd say it's lucky for Claude that a sense of humour is involved.

  3. LOL! Brilliant post Hazel. Is The Cook thinking of branching out into Culinary Forensic Science? I briefly suspected the goats, however the damning evidence of there simply being evidence put them in the clear.

  4. Maybe... Brewster and his girls paid Claude to commit the crime. They seem to have benefited.

  5. Now I know where you live -- Midsomer!

  6. Oh dear! And after all that hard work too. Does that mean that no Membrillo was salvaged for human consumption?
    One of our cats once ate part of the birthday cake Jane had made for one of our daughters. It was too late to make another cake, so she just sliced off the top layer and pretended that nothing had happened!

  7. A similar thing happened with a cake here....but we do not speak of it...for fear of reprisals. Once at school, some of the other teachers and I fed left over pizza (from the Year 6 graduation) to the kids the next day. It was only after we handed out a few slices that we noticed that there were tiny maggots in it. The children were very surprised when we whipped the slices back. The Cook wasn't happy with the membrillo anyway...she hadn't peeled the quinces and it didn't colour up nicely. She will have another go and I will post the recipe.


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