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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Galloping garlic

The garlic, planted on the Autumn equinox and the full moon is galloping ahead.  I am sure last year's garlic wasn't this precocious!  Looking around, although not counting, I think every clove has shot.  I will be careful to keep the weeds down and the water up to these guys as they find their feet.  Once the Winter hits they will slow down.

The broad beans, planted at the same time as the garlic, have also pushed themselves up and out.  I had a beaut crop of BBs last year and I learned a lesson. Once they grew tall, they fell over and it was cold and I didn't feel like going out there and fiddling around to do something about it.

Even though I can be slow learner I am able to learn from my mistakes.  So this year I have already put strings up to support them as they grow. 


  1. Looking good - it looks like a lovely little patch of garlic there. No vampires for your place.

  2. I knew I forgot to do something...plant my garlic...
    Yours looks great...

  3. Hazel, can you just plant an ordinary old garlic clove, or is there some preparation first???

  4. Gooseberry Jam...Lots of garlic has been bleached and treated. If you have organic garlic it should be fine. I prepared the bed with compost etc, then you just push the clove into the soil...with about the same depth of soil over it as the size of the clove.

  5. Thanks heaps Hazel, have a F&V shop I go to with organic Garlic, I will try this. :)

  6. Hazel that garlic looks freaking amazering! I have popped in two bulbs this year to see what happens, if one more person tells me that garlic won't grow here though I'll bop them on the head. The corn silk looks fabulous too, wonderful photo, I hope it's a garden grabbed one :)

  7. This year I am going to put very strong posts on the perimeter of my broad bean bed. Last year my beans grew so tall and were laden with lots of beans and my supports were not strong enough to completely hold them up.

  8. Hazel, I'm surprised you can grow BBs during the Winter. In the UK they are sometimes sown in the Autumn, but for cropping next Spring. I suppose you never get such cold weather as we do?

  9. Looking good! We stake canes arounf our Broad beans then run string around to keep them upright.
    It's interesting to see what you have growing over winter.

  10. Those naughty goats!
    Ya know, corn silk makes great tea.

    Your garden looks like it's rollicking along.


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