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Monday, March 28, 2011

If Brewster was a car...

In full rooster regalia Brewster would have been 
a high end model of a luxury car...maybe even a Rolls.
He had the carriage and attitude 
of an exclusive custom built model.

As he moulted he became slower and more like a much loved family sedan with lolly wrappers in the back seat and sticky finger prints on the windows.

Now he is looking like a 
third hand hatch back.

My research tells me that some chooks just obligingly drop all their feathers at once then grow more.  My flock is the other sort that takes weeks resulting in moth eaten looking fowls, feathers all over the place,  and a reduction in egg production to one or two a week.  Even though I have been making a nutritious mash with all sorts of goodies in it...

there have been no full sized eggs 
for a fortnight!

Good thing that little Lavender (centre) is producing almost daily...her eggs are tiny but lovely.
Her two mates, Indigo (left) and Violet (right - who turned out to be a Violetto) have moved to a free range farm up the road. 
Peace in the mornings.


  1. Poor Brewster, how embarassing to be looking a little shoddy. It must be a big dent on their pride. Our chooks went through the moult a while ago and are now in full production. I think all the rain we had here put their timing out a little.

  2. Poor Brewster. Our ladies are just like yours. They take their time with molting from mid March sometimes to early May. At the moment they don't have a tail feather between the lot of them.

  3. Brewster is regal and elegant in his regalia :)He's adorable too!

  4. aw bless them! mine moult the exact same way xx

  5. Oh Hazel, I think he's a spunk and the ladies will be able to see through to his shiny rolls interior! Gosh he's a handsome young man.

  6. I can still see Brewster's handsomeness in spite of his moult. Very inconvenient, that. I have 4 different breeds so they've all moulted differently and at different times! So glad to have good egg production again.

  7. Aw, even so, Brewster still looks a magnificent fellow - oh, those colours.

    I love what you've done with their feathers in your banner photo Hazel... I too collect from our girls, but I just have them sitting in a bowl. I was knocked out when I saw your photo!!

  8. Awwwwwww too cute poor luv! He is gorgeous!


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