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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arty facts

I put this together from an old anodized aluminium wok, a stick with wire wrapped around it, and a bird I bought at a gallery gift shop.  It looked pretty ordinary at first but I like the way the wire has rusted and the reflections in the water are lovely.  I have never seen any real birds taking a drink though.

 Another bird 
and more rust.  
Kookaburras are a bit of an obsession with me.  My sister and I reckon our old Dad had a laugh a bit like a kookaburra and we were saucer-eyed when one laughed during the graveside service at his funeral.  Whenever we see or hear one we take it as a sign of some sort...usually of his approval or support.   You can see why I was delighted to receive this as a birthday present a couple of years ago.

Even more rust and another bird.  I didn't notice the theme until I started to write this post.  
This one I bought myself at a gallery in Yea, along with the sunflower below.

I also have to own up to this wire chook ... I know it is a sort of bird and it is rusted.  But it is also the grave marker for Lucy, the first chook I had to chop due to ill you aren't allowed to laugh!

Just for a change ... a terracotta dragon.

This one has a good story.

I bought my sister a similar one several years ago.  I have always loved it.  
 I just happened to call into a favourite nursery, which is many kilometres from my home. 
I walked in, and there was this wonderful birdbath.

I thought, 'I don't care how much it costs, 
I am having that!'

Unfortunately there was a sold sign on the birdbath and I was crestfallen...until I turned it over.  
It had my sister's name on it...not her surname, just her first name.  But I knew!  

Apparently,  my sister had tracked down the original artist and lured her out of retirement to make just one more dragon birdbath.  
It is very special to me but I haven't quite found the perfect home for it yet, but at least it is outside and developing a lovely patina.

Just to reassure you that I am a 'Class Act' here is my garden gnome.

She keeps changing her name.  At first, in a previous garden, she was under an apple tree and her name was, Apples.  Then I put a pot of rhubarb near her and she changed her name to Rude Barb.  While I was between houses, she lived under my sister's Rosemary, where she was know as Rudemary.  
One of my sister's grand daughters said, 'Ma, that's a girl gnome.'
My sister, trying to keep a straight face, asked, 'How do you know?'
'She has long hair, Silly!'
Now she lives under a Camelia, among japanese windflowers and is known as Windy Wendy.

Finally... a little artwork from Mother Nature.

I would love to see some pictures of your birdbaths, gnomes and garden art.


  1. Great pix! You sure have an arty garden Hazel.

  2. Great photos Hazel. I love all the artwork spread amongst the garden...very cool

  3. You really do have a lovely garden, Hazel, with fantastic little ¨artyfacts¨ throughout and maybe one that is, perhaps, a little artless. Although she could be tartful. I would love to share some arty parts of our garden, but alas, there are none.

  4. Our birdbath is very tame, hardly worth a photo. Maybe the birds are scared of yours?? Very artful photos and mucho creativity in your garden Hazel.... but just what is that last snap? I'm guessing a watermelon trying to jump though a hoop? in slow motion. cheers Windy Wendy

  5. Love the "additions" to your garden.

    The lady gnome is a classic...

    I should do this around my drab garden to give it a bit a lift.

    Have a lovely day,


  6. I love your home made bird bath Hazel! It's very elegant and so on trend darling! The contrast of the ceramic bird with the rusty texture of the branch works really well and that reflection!!

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the display gardens at MIFGS this year to see how they use rusty materials... Will you come to the show?

  7. You've excelled yourself here!!! Naturally I love it all but I did have to have a giggly at your gnome, she's irresistable.

  8. Hey, nice gnome...she has lovely eyes.....
    I do love birds too, birds and rabbits in my garden ....
    I especially love your sleeping dragon...

  9. Brilliant, love the way metal corrodes. As to the gnome......!! Rude barb indeed!!

  10. I think maybe the real birds don't come to your homemade bird-bath because of the artificial bird. It's like putting a plastic model of a Heron near your pond to dissuade real Herons from stealing your goldfish.

  11. lovely pictures i think thats a great idea for a bird bath i usually leave containers of water outside.I love the gnome so funny windy wendy.
    i posted some of our garden art at my blog

  12. I love your garden art but I find the wok and wire branch particularly inspiring and beautiful. Delightful.

  13. I love your garden art, rust and the softness of the outdoors are such a great contrast. I love your wok bird bath.

  14. Hazel I think this might be my favouritest post ever! I loved everything the more I went on, but it is Windy Wendy who stole my heart. Although I liked her as Rude Barb best.

    I have been looking for a rude gnome for a long time, and when I do I hope she's as fabulous as Wendy.

  15. Beautiful garden art. Love the story of your Dad and his kookaburra laugh. I'd take it as some sort of a sign too.
    The story behind the dragon bird bath is lovely too.
    Windy Wendy is a gal who's been around hasn't she! She seems quite content with her new name and spot in the garden now.
    Delightful post.

  16. Love your sculptures! My favourite is the one you made yourself. I don't have a lot of art in my garden, I keep planning to make various things but never seem to get around to it. I really need a birdbath at least so I might need to keep an eye out for a wok...


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