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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photoless Friday

I did have a post prepared but I am going to go with Garden Girl's suggestion of Photoless Friday.

As I watered the veggies this morning I felt extremely fortunate.  The weather is cool and there is a slight breeze with a top temperature in the low to mid 30s forecast.  The veggies are beginning to crop at last and it even looks like we will have corn by the weekend.  There were bees all over the zucchini and pumpkins.  The latest lot of climbing beans are beginning to climb and the potager is lush.  I could go on about the creek quietly babbling in the background, the various bird songs, Brewster and the girls companionably chatting, the goats grazing quietly (for once) and the wedge tail eagle that was soaring in circles in the blue morning sky...but I won't.

As wonderful as all of these things are, the reason I was feeling fortunate was that I am not in Northern Queensland today.  The cyclone that has been threatening them for days is due to cross the coast about 10 pm today.  The storm has been upgraded to a category 5.  Poor Queensland...first the floods and now this.

What is more, they are not the only ones suffering at the moment with many places in the Northern Hemisphere being effected by severe storms and record snowfalls.

There just seems to be an abundance of 'Once in 100 Year' weather events occurring around the world at the moment.

Stay safe everyone! 


  1. Yes, what is about to happen in FNQ is very worrying. We just heard on the radio that they were expecting 320km/hr winds and 700mm of rain to fall. That is just so difficult to fathom.

    Maybe 2011 is THE year in the ¨Once in 100 Year¨ that everyone talks about. The world is undergoing some serious climatic events thus far.

  2. ABC radio national, was predicting that Yazi is going to be worse than Tracey! Thoughts are with Qld.

  3. I was hoping for Word It Up Wednesday.

    Love your cows, how's the camera going?

    Do you want me to take pictures of things and then I send them to you and you can blog about them?

  4. Yes it's so awful for the Queenslanders at the moment, when is it going to end. We are very fortunate down south.
    Your garden sounds so nice with all the bees and all. I am quite jealous as we have seen only two all summer so far and I finally pulled out my sqash as they just kept turning black and not amounting to anything, so I bit the bullet and pulled them out, no use wasting water on unpreductive veggies heh. Stay cool

  5. Is it Friday already, gosh where did that week go?That's the trouble with retirement all the days seem the same.
    Keep safe Queenslanders, thinking of you.

  6. Let' hope that Yasi isn't as bad as predicted but I don't feel confident.

  7. What? It's Wednesday? Oh, sorry!

  8. So much happening in the world, hope there's very little damage in Australia, very scary. (I miss your photos).

  9. Thought I had slept for 48 hours! Just saw s brief news clip of the storm - it must be absolutely terrifying experiencing something like this.


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