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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HAZEL DENE: Blighted tomatoes

HAZEL DENE: Blighted tomatoes

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  1. All my tomatoes have suffered from the hot wet weather we had in December and I too (with your advice) have removed the lower mildewy affected leaves. Now the breeze can blow through and I can actually find the base of the tomatoes, making watering easier.
    Apart from the mildew the hot wet weather has been fantastic for the growth, flowering and fruiting in my vegie garden.
    The red wind-cheater was a perfect colour choice Hazel!


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