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Monday, December 27, 2010

Signs of the Season

Sorry this is a 'Christmas' are probably all over it now...but I didn't blog at Christmas, so you will have to put up with it. 

I have been enjoying the White Christmas photos from my Northern Hemisphere blog friends.  It may surprise some of you that Australian Christmas cards often depict a snowy scene and that we sing songs about dashing through the snow and dreaming about white Christmas'.  Many families still do the Turkey, ham and hot roast lunch followed by plum pud.  There is no escaping that we were colonized by the British...even though we are quite multicultural now and much closer to Asia than Europe.

In the Australian garden, 
the Hydrangeas bloom at Christmas time.
I have been enjoying the colour variations of the one hydrangea I have in the garden.


  1. Ha! The only thing that's blooming in Qld is the BLOOMING rain!

    Beautiful flowers though Hazel. And thank goodness for a sunny photo.

  2. Lovely photos, hope you had a happy day.

  3. Lovely colours..Christmas plants here are jacarandas, and agapanthas..I cant get enough of the purple/blue colours...

  4. Yes 'Aunt Aggies Pant's' as we call them in our family are big around here too but not so the Jacarandas. Aggies are considered noxious weeds by some local governments because they are so hardy. My real aunt actually had individual agapantus flowers wired into her wedding boquet. I think that would look lovely...I like the blue too.

  5. Well, Hazel (and other Australian friends), our white Christmas finally seems as if it has relaxed its grip. Today the temperature has been positive most of the day, and for the first time in ages we're told that the night-time temperature will not dip below zero, and we'll get some rain. Wow, that'll be a change - Brits actually enjoying the rain!
    So maybe we'll be able to start thinking about our gardens again. Must get round to ordering my seeds - a job I always do during the christmas holiday.

  6. I'm not a hydrangea fan but if I weren't careful, I might be converted by photos like these. Beautifully done.

    In our English family - we still haven't eaten our Christmas pudding so we haven't finished with Christmas yet.



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