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Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Autumn

You could be forgiven for thinking this is an unseasonal post about Autumn.  But we all know it is almost the end of Spring in Australia.  The tree is a red form of Acer palmatan (Japanese maple).  Everything else in the garden is green, green, green because of our mild wet Spring.  This tree stands out like a russet beacon.

In addition it is sporting the most beautiful hot pink and lime green seeds.


  1. Wow, those seeds are works of art in their own right! My one and only Acer is a titchy one about 25cm tall and it has no leaves at all at present...
    BTW, saw your comment on my Fine Dining experience. I too would have loved to photograph the food, but I didn't think that would be tactful in the middle of a restaurant!

  2. The seeds are beautiful Hazel, doesn't nature come with wonderous colours.

  3. What beautiful photos, particularly the first one. I always enjoy your blog, Kelli.

  4. I love the "see through photo". This year with all the rain I found a whole lot of little maple seedlings in the lawn. I have dug them up and put them in little pots. Maybe your seeds will sprout up your way too.

  5. Acers are such an essential plant in temperate gardens. Beatiful and exotic, brings a touch of the orient too.


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