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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gimme one!

I went to the Melbourne Agricultural Show again this year and was a bit disappointed.  I won't go on about how it was all better  different in 'my day'.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the day.  I loved the animals I did see, especially the poultry.  I enjoyed watching the cat judging too.  We spent a very long time in the craft pavilion. It didn't even cost a lot because we took a cut lunch and only paid for a delicious CWA devonshire tea.  We didn't have any rides or buy show bags either, so that keeps the cost down.

But even more recently I attended a local agricultural show.  It was tiny in comparison to the city one but so wonderful.  Mainly because it was much more intimate and showgoers could get up close to the animals and the exhibitors.

We sat and watched the horse judging for a while and were able to talk to people waiting, just over the other side of the fence,  for their turn in the ring.  It was great to watch the pony club members going through their paces too.  A couple of them were so tiny they had to have an adult walk along side.  Aww, cute!

Of course, I loved the chookies and enjoyed watching the sheepdogs being put through their paces.  I would have liked to have sat and watched the wood chop but the person I was with was scared the competitors would lose their grip on their axes... with nasty consequences for her head.

I especially liked walking through the dog section.  I always think the people showing dogs are just as interesting as the dogs themselves.  They are very serious and have tents with all the mod cons.

But my absolute favourite were the alpacas.  Just look at those big eyes and those long eyelashes.  They are so cute.  You could get up close to all the animals and pat them.  Their handlers. waiting to go into the judging ring. were happy to chat with us.


Lovely soft muzzles.

Love these ones with dreadlocks and look at the one on the right.  It has a fuzzy face like a teddy bear. 
Black is nice.

I like the bi-colours too. As an accessory, this one would go with whatever you were wearing.

This one needs a visit to the hairdressers  and beauty advice to make the most of its eyes.

So here is a note to all my friends and family, if you are wondering what to buy me for my birthday, Christmas, Mothers' Day etc. etc.  one of these would win you brownie points!  Although, I don't know where I would put it.

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  1. I want an alpaca too but my backyard is not big enough! Perhaps you can fence off the front yard for the alpaca that I am going to buy you for Christmas!


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