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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changes afoot

On Friday, I went into the Big Smoke for a couple of appointments and ended up at Northland which is a suburban shopping centre.

I was surprised to find myself quite affected and a little overwhelmed bemused by the bright lights, the noise, the crowds, the advertising, the hustle and the bustle.

One thing I hadn't seen before was a brightly lit sign in the carpark that 'spoke' to me about the movie it was promoting.   It obviously had a movement sensor built in to catch people as they walked into the centre.  Just stop and think about that for a moment.  The resources, energy, ingenuity... not to educate or inform but to sell.

Northland used to be my local shopping centre.  I usually went there a couple (or more) times a week.  Often these visits were just for something to do, to have a coffee, a browse and  of course I usually ended up buying something(s) I 'needed'.  On Friday, I didn't buy anything except what I went there specifically signs, displays, spruikers, colours, aromas or friendly salespersons held any allure for me.  I didn't just rush through either, I window shopped.

Northland is adjacent to a large public housing estate with many disadvantaged residents living on, or below, the poverty line.  I found myself looking at Northland with quite different eyes and it was sobering.

Then on Saturday we packed a picnic and drove a very few kilometres into the hills behind the town.  It was magic and satisfying and calming and REAL -  in ways that the consumer express train cannot match.  Well not for this little black duck anymore.

My tree change has already changed me.

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  1. I am proud of you little black duck!


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