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Monday, August 30, 2010

See! Spring is nearly here!

Walnut - a little green showing



I can feel it!  This morning was cold but the sun came out and like the plants my sap began to rise and like the birds I felt the need to work on my nest.  I pulled on the boots and headed out to the garden.  Appropriately a bit of spring cleaning was on the list of jobs.  

The last owner of this property propagated and sold plants at markets.  He kept a good supply of pots for this...unfortunately he left them here when he moved.  I didn't dare touch them in the Summer...because I thought they looked like a good spot for the Joe Blakes, but no excuse now.  I have loaded them all onto the trailer with the intention of taking them to the tip.  But it seems such a waste.  Even more so when I counted them and realized there is around 3000 of them!  These are the 'six inch' pots and there are quite a few of the larger ones that established trees come in. 

 I don't want them, but what am I to do with them?  Any ideas?


  1. Maybe a nursery would like them

  2. I thought I would try that. However, I suspect they won't be interested. The pots would all have to be thoroughly washed and sterilized and they can get them so cheaply.

  3. Pots can be recycled in our yellow bin - ring Nillumbik tip?
    National recycling hotline 1300 733 712
    Freecycle - there is a group at Murrindindi.
    Bulleen Art and Garden might know of someone.

  4. I just thought...maybe I can take some to thread together to make people for the daycare kids? Hmmm...can you save me some. Need enough for a body, arms, legs and head for about 11 kids!

  5. sell them on ebay?!

  6. I think there use to be a recycling business just for garden pots and they would sterilized and re-sell them, but that is all I know.

  7. Thanks for the good ideas but the problem is solved. I delivered them to a local bloke tonight and they will be used to grow indigenous plants for local Landcare and at the primary school who have just been funded for a propagation program. Although it was made clear that there were approximately 3000 of them the recipient was shocked when he saw them all on the trailer. LOL. I thought he was going to back out, but he was a gentleman and stood by his word and took the lot.


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