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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camellia # 10

It has been a spectacular year for camellias.  I have never been a great fan but as each of the bushes in this garden have burst into bloom how could I not fall in love?

Camellias are glamorous and so generous.  The first camellia that bloomed is still blooming four months later and the one in this picture (Number 6)  is  almost more red than green!

A visitor commented that she likes camellias but isn't so keen on the mess their fallen flowers make.  But I even like this about them.  They form a carpet and it is interesting to watch the flowers decay.  The chookies love to scratch among them, so they must be a haven for bugs of all types.
In addition the flowers have been a reliable source of food in the middle of Winter.  Bees, hover flies, various wattlebirds, and Eastern spinebills have all benefitted from their bounty.  

There three or four to bloom yet as well as a couple of rhododendrons. 

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  1. Their cheerful flowers brighten up a grey winters day!


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