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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking down the barriers.

The animals here have the right idea.  The best way to fight racism, sexism, homophobia etc is to have an open mind and to get to know one another as individuals rather than stereotypes.

Understanding and compassion can be fostered when time is spent together, conversing or perhaps sharing a meal.

Oh, if only humans could be so open minded.


  1. Ha ha - did the kitten win in the end? Did it eat the dog food, chicken food or the chicken?
    Hazel, apparently chickens are smarter than we think! Apparently they have quite sophisticated communication about food, sex, danger etc. Watch that Brewster - males lie and cheat to win and keep female affection.
    (see Eureka Prize winner's research)

  2. I have been doing quite a bit of research on the net and I know what to do to Brewster if he gets to uppity. Scoop him up and hold him by the legs until he stops flapping. Bit hard to do with a man though.

  3. Although I think Claude has his eye on the chook

  4. No, Paula, that is Ruby and it is just wishful thinking. She is about one third the size of that fearless chook.

  5. You are welcome to join them at any time, no invitation necessary.


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