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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barred Leghorns

I would like to present, Henny, Jenny or Penny to the blog readers. They are a bit interchangeable...and this is one of the three! In an earlier post (May 3rd Brewster finds his Crow) I told you about the Cochins we have. These ones are leghorns. Depending who you are talking to they are called Barred Leghorns, or Leghorns - non white.

They are flighty, nervous individuals who startle easily. If one of them becomes separated from the flock they screech and squawk and run about...very funny really. I am sure they are the prototype for the fairytale hen who thought the sky was falling on her. They can fly quite well which means they can jump and flap over a fence. But because they are a little anxious they usually stay very close to Bruce who is a calming influence.

They are good egg layers (3 or 4 eggs a week) and are not inclined to go broody. They are very pretty too. This photo doesn't do them justice. If you want more information click HERE.

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